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Live Streaming
In Psalm 51 we hear the voice of a broken King who begs the Lord to restore his joy.  The Lord can heal us and allow us to experience real joy and happiness.
​​Our Bible studies and sermons are streamed live during each service. Approximate broadcast start times are: Sunday @ 9:35am, 10:40am, and 6:40pm. Wednesday @ 7:05pm. Visit our Watch Live page to watch our live broadcasts.  To view pre-recorded sermons and Bible studies visit our YouTube Channel

I Believe

Gospel Meeting
I am a believer!  Sometimes we simply need to declare with great confidence our belief in the Savior and the reasons behind that belief.  This lesson simply states "I Believe."
We invite you to join us for a special series of Bible study November 13-17. J.R. Bronger from Danville, IN will be our guest speaker for the week. We will meet at our regular service times on Sunday and at 7:00pm Monday - Thursday. Everyone is welcome!

Addressing Challenging Realities

Bible Study...Wednesday 10/26/2016 @ 7:00pm
Life can be hard!  Many of life's very real problems can also shake our faith.  This lesson looks at the life of King David and examines ways to overcome serious life issues.
We will Continue our study of the book of Revelation.  The book of Revelation is a challenge for the Bible student.  We will be very diligent to gain the encouragment that the book intends to bring to the struggling Christian.  Christ is victorious is at the center of the message and we will focus on that fact as we study the book.  Our next study begins at Revelation 1:1

​​It Is Well With My Soul...Because of Hope

We all search for peace in our everyday lives.  In troubled times how do we find that peace?  This lesson reminds us that hope is the key to peace and contentment.